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Meetings, Mixers & Workshops


Women's Journeys meetings and workshops gather women going through life's transitions to discuss and learn about relevant topics and to empower them. Recent topics have included Women's Sexual-Esteem and Becoming Single Again. Future topics include Wealth & Happiness and Women's Emotional Well Being.


Join us for our annual workshop for women to help you move forward with the "second half" of your life. Wondering what to do next? Feeling like you need a change, but don't know to what? We can help you get back in touch with what brings you JOY.

Located at the beautiful LaQuinta Resort and Spa in Palm Desert, this three day retreat will give you a pause to reflect, explore and create your next steps. 

Contact us for more details on the next workshop.

Now What?!

Women Executives' Retreat

Looking for a group of women who can relate to your workplace experiences? Join us  as we create a new MasterMind Group for women who find themself as the only woman in the room. We'll start with a couple of fun-filled days of learning where we'll discuss negotiation skills, powerful communications and how to give and receive feedback. Then we'll stay in touch with monthly group conference calls and twice a month one-on-one Executive Coaching Sessions. Contact us for more information!

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