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Women's Journeys is for women ready to travel to exotic locations and want a group of interesting women with whom to travel. You are between the ages of 45-70 and maybe your husband/partner doesn't share your passion for exploring new and different places. We appeal to women from all different backgrounds and locations. Make your dreams come true! Past trips have included Peru and India, Vietnam and Cambodia! Come join us to expand your horizons! You may have spent the past twenty years focused on raising your children, advancing your career or working on somebody else's schedule. Now IT'S YOUR TURN!! It's time to start YOUR journey!


Upcoming Trip: New Zealand 3/24! 
Contact us to be waitlisted! 

Trip Photo Galleries

Morocco: 2023

Iceland: 2022

Costa Rica: November 2019

Uganda: January 2019

Ready for trekking!


Cuba: September 2016

India: December 2014

Japan: November 2017

Vietnam & Cambodia: October 2015

Peru: October 2013

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