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At each point along my personal journey, I found myself wondering who I can talk to about a specific issue. I called my girlfriends. They’re the people who will reflect back to me what I am sounding most concerned about and what they think they would do if faced with the same situation. As I shared with each of them, they gave me their advice, some of which I followed, some of which I didn’t and some that I wish I had not… But mostly, it felt safe and comforting to share with them what I was experiencing and to get their reactions. I find others do the same with me.

Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, if this advice were captured all in one place so that if you have a particular issue, you could “google” it in a book that was designed for women going through the same type of situation? That’s what brings me to this point. I’m hoping we have collectively created advice for women in similar situations who can learn from each other’s experiences.

Regardless of the time of your life, we each reach decision-making points and want to know what it will be like depending on which path we choose. Should I have a baby? Should I have another baby?! Should I not have children at all? What about my career? What should I do about this stressful health issue? What should I do about my marriage? How do I reenter the dating scene after becoming a widow? How do I fill the hours now that I’m an ‘empty nester?’ How will I pick up the pieces of my life again? Now what?

This series of Girlfriends’ Guides is designed for you to help you navigate whatever challenges you are presently facing—and maybe how to prepare for some changes you anticipate in the future. These stories are based on real women's lives. Each has weathered a life transition.

Good luck. And safe journeys!


P.S. Please add your advice in the Comments Section below. Thanks!

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